Film Portfolio

Our focus is mainly on Trail and Ultra Running but films about trekking, climbing and life on the road are all welcome.  Below are some of the great films, production companies, filmmakers, directors, inspirational athletes, and other dirtbaggers we have worked with.

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This Is Your Day

This Is Your Day follows three unique individuals in one of the most storied 100-mile races in the world, the 2015 Western States Endurance Run. A mother, a competitive age grouper, and an elite facing the pressures as a defending champion. But the athletes are only one piece of the puzzle. This is a universal story about the power of the human body, the will of the mind, and the importance of the human connection.


Diamond To The Rough

Diamond To The Rough is a short film that follows the journey of former MLB player, Eric Byrnes from the baseball diamond to the rough trails of the Western States Endurance Run.



Mira Rai is a young woman from a remote village in Nepal who always dreamed of being successful in sport. When she was older she traveled the long distance to Kathmandu to try her luck. Out of money, she was about to return home to her village, when by chance on a morning run, she meets another runner who tells her about a long running race in the local hills. She wins it and soon begins to realize her tough mountain village upbringing has prepared her perfectly for this sport. Mira follows the journey of this spirited Nepali village girl on her pursuit to being a world-recognized mountain runner.


Desert Around Me

Desert Around Me incorporates footage of the 2016 Marathon des Sables. The IRUN4ULTRA team ran six marathons over six days across the Sahara Desert in Morocco where temperatures regularly exceeded 125 degrees Fahrenheit. Tackling endless sand dunes, burning salt flats, dried river beds and rocky slopes, the team carried all of their food and clothes, sleeping bags, cooking equipment and first aid for the entire week on their backs.


Trails In Motion Film Festival

Perseverance, individual quirkiness, Fastest Know Times (FKT's) and trail camaraderie are central to the theme of the 2017 Ledlenser Trails In Motion Film Festival line up. Each film offers an exciting and inspirational view into the world of trail and ultra running, all the while showcasing some of the planet's most breathtaking trail running destinations in the process.