Dirtbaggers In Motion

The trip to San Luis Obispo for the Trails In Motion Film Festival was a big success! Huge thanks go out to all the staff and volunteers from The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County, SLO Ultra and the Running Warehouse for the support, and for turning the Octagon Barn into one of the coolest screening venues I've ever hosted a show in.

The Trails In Motion Film Festival at the The Broken Arrow Skyrace was a total blast! It's so great to get up to Tahoe and share the films every year with the brave souls who set out to conquer this challenging course. 

Video mix of my weekend at the Western States Memorial Day Training Camp. Day one began with the road trip and run from Robinson Flat all the way back to Foresthill.  Day 2 was a run from Foresthill to Drivers Flat followed by a blowout Trails In Motion Film Festival screening at the State Theater in downtown Auburn.  Thanks to RD Craig Thornley, and special guests, Chris Mocko, and Jam Jam and Schuyler from Mountain Outpost!


Honored to have Altra Running on board as a sponsor for the BayTrailrunners Coastal Marin 50K!  Big thanks to Myles Smythe and Nate Dunn from Ultrasportslive TV for producing this stunning course preview!

Most of us have a special place we like to go. The physical place is less important than the means we use to get there and the way it makes us feel once we arrive. This may be a beautiful place in nature, our studio, our kitchen, our gym, or the open road. Here, we are free to be creative and open ourselves up to the experience of doing something we love and to reconnect with a part of ourselves that needs to be nurtured and refreshed. Where do you go? Thanks to Robert Rhodes for sharing his passion at the Purisima Redwoods. Check out his group, the BayTrailrunners.  Produced and directed by Tim DeFrisco.


Live from Campbell, CA before the Dirtbagger Film Syndicate screening of “Mira” and “Beyond Motivation”.