A bunch of us checked in to the Old Princeton Landing in Half Moon Bay on November 13 for another screening of Sierra Studio FilmsDiamond To The Rough. It started with a casual group run out to the iconic Mavericks surf break where Eric Byrnes gave us a "locals only" tour of these hallowed grounds. A few minor hills to climb and some loose sand to deal with and we were soon back on the road to get on with the show.

Big thanks to the OPL for letting us take over their house for a few hours. Alice Baker and Tyler Curley from Salomon Running for sharing some cool swag and letting us demo some shoes. Bree Lambert and the Dirtbagger Film Syndicate for arranging the event. Myles Smythe, Damian Gordon and Heather Bird for creating this awesome film. Lastly, big props to the community of HMB, Franz Dill, The Coastside Runners, and all the cool folks at the OPL who took care of us! We hope to come back for another!